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Kabir Singh
Release Year : 2019
Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Soham Majumdar
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10

Quality : 720p

Language : Hindi

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Index of kabir singh
Index of kabir singh
Index of kabir singh
Index of kabir singh
  1. Kabir Singh Movie Review in English
verdict of Kabir Singh number one thing is that in this movie the way chovka Buddhist acted is fabulous literally the intensity and the anger he shows in each and every different scene of his.
Insane honestly for me it wouldn’t be a movie which I would watch over and over and over and over again definitely there are some scenes which I could watch over a hundred times.

Index of Kabir singh movie

The background music and literally everything the intensity shot Cooper had created in these scenes is insane Kiara Advani is innocent acting is also marvelous .
The way she has created this innocent face her expressions and everything suits the character completely.
Sandeep Radovan Ghana has done an amazing job directing this film I guess this another movie coming out Aditya Verma or something like that that’s also a remake in Tamil so the first part was made in Telugu.
Every character has done an amazing job at their scenes even Shahid Kapoor in brothers role and his best friend and stuff. This is no spoilers as you can clearly see it in the in the promos and the trailers one more thing.

Kabir Singh Movie Free Download

That shopkeeper had already said in his interviews that he is playing a character over 26 year old which goes on upto or twenty-nine-year-old.
something and carrot when he starts playing a character of nineteen year old so Sahid Kapoor is the senior in the college and Kiara Advani plays his junior. There are few scenes in the movie that literally the entire hall starts clapping and shouting the those scenes.
Those mass and the intensity in those scenes are literally crazy there’s one scene which you can see in the in the trailer or in the teaser is the football scene when he goes to play football with another College
That scene is literally insane the background music and the mass and the intensity and anger shown in that and after that he gives speeches so there are two to three scenes like this in which it’s literally insane.

Intitle index of kabir singh movie 2019

I won’t tell out what the scenes are so that you know it’ll be kind of a suspense a predictable suspense if that makes sense you know what I’m trying to say that you know what’s gonna happen.
Next you can make it out but then those scenes are literally insane this story line of the movie does get slow at one part and things are overdone they show as addiction a little too much.
In the movie I feel that could have been cut the movie has portrayed Qaboos anger issues and a very I feel amazing way like you know it I don’t think so it could have been done better by anyone else other than child support for this role.

Kabir singh – Shahid Kapoor Charctor in Movie

showing it a realistic guy with his anger issues and how literally like you know everyone’s scared of him if I feel if there would be another actor playing this role there it wouldn’t be that realistic that what Shahid Kapoor had created that image of a very angry guy.

Rating Of Kabir Singh Movie

Kabir singh as shaid kapoor who’s literally everyone scared of him and stuff everyone listens to him and he plays a senior surgeon in the film I would give the film about a decent let’s say 2.8 out of 5 stars.
I wouldn’t give it to 2.5 I wouldn’t give it a 3 the reason is that the movie slowed down a bit and they showed the his addiction stuff like repeatedly a lot in the movie so I feel that could have been cut down and the movie could have jumped like to a 3.5 or something
But in the ending and stuff became slow and the thing with this movie is that why give it a less than three rating is because the the scenes in which emotions should be given out more and in a more powerful manner would have been portrayed more intensely.

Kabir singh movie review , download in 1080p and 720p

Kabir singh movie is outstanding it’s a fabulous movie and it’s definitely a one time watch if you are above the age of 15 or above 18

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